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IR heating panels Sunlife GLASS

IR panel SUNLIFE GLASS has a glossy glass surface and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for objects with good insulation due to its attractive appearance. You can choose between several colours: glass in white, black, red and green. IR panel SUNLIFE GLASS can be used individually or in combination with other IR heaters and heating systems. It is mounted on a wall. 

You are invited to our showroom to view the SUNLIFE GLASS IR panels and see their quality for yourself.

Heating with IR panels Sunlife provides many advantages. To view, click HERE.

IR panel Sunlife Glass
Power 300 W 500 W 700 W 900 W
Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
Current 1.3 A 2.2 A 3 A 3.9 A
Length 700 mm 900 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm
Width 500 mm 600 mm 600 mm 800 mm
Thickness 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Weight 14 kg 22.8 kg 26.9 kg 37.3 kg
Installation location wall wall wall wall
IP protection IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years SPGR300 SPGR500 SPGR700 SPGR900