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Wi-Fi smart thermostats Heatmiser

Heatmiser thermostat for smartphones

Heatmiser allows remote control of your room heating and water heating. Offers a smarter way of managing everything from your iOS, Android or Windows phone.

Remote management
All settings are enabled simply by touching the button. It is possible to set the temperature to be automatically reduced at night during certain hours for all or only selected rooms in the house. It can be set separately, to switch off the room heating and keep heating the water. You can adjust settings by yourself, and we are convinced you will be excited about the new function – all settings can also be activated with the Apple watch!
- thermostat
- mobile stand and wall holder
- relay
- network adapter
- installation plate
- USB cable
- colour labels
- AAA batteries
- screws and screw inserts


PRICE: 259 € + VAT

Main characteristics:
- geolocation functions
- UK/European/Australian adapter is included
- control of room and water heating
- 5/2 days, 7 days or 24 hours
- global features including holidays
- copy functions, keep temperature down
- vacation mode
- clock synchronisation
- remote Firmware update
- API posted

Upgrading your system with the Heatmiser system is easy: you need to replace your existing thermostat with the new one and plug it into your router. Monitoring your heating system is then possible from your iOS, Android or Windows phone.